Appleton Estate History

If we had to define
in one word what makes
Appleton Estate unique,
it would be "Karst".

The Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum story
begins over 270 years ago, in the one-of-a-kind,
mystical location known as the Nassau Valley.
A karst is a rare landscape made of cone-like
limestone hill formations, caves and underground
water sources.

According to records, the Estate’s passion
for rum crafting began with the first distillation in 1749.

Nassau Valley's peculiar terrain naturally
filters the rain, producing
streams of clear azure water
giving extraordinary flavour
to the local sugar cane
growing in the valley.

Appleton Estate Blue represents the sky above the
island and our precious limestone-filtered water
source, reflecting the joyful spirit of Jamaica.

The blend of Jamaica's lush climate,
fertile terrain and spring water source
create unique growing conditions that make

Appleton Estate
one of the few rums
in the world with a terroir.

Did you know that at the Appleton Estate
we have daily rain showers at 2.30 pm?

The insignia

Appleton Estate is rooted in Jamaican tradition; the spirit of our people not only refines our rum, but also defines who we are. That’s why our Insignia is made of five iconic Jamaican emblems blended together, telling a unique story made of passion, dedication and joy.
Tap on each emblem to discover more
At the top, you’ll find theBlue Mahoethe national tree of Jamaica that
blooms bright with golden flowers.
At the centre, firmly rooted in the Insignia, are thebuds of ackeethe vibrantly coloured and subtly sweet Jamaican fruit.
Hovering on either side, you’ll find twodoctor birdsThese majestic green hummingbirds are native to Jamaica,
and are the country’s national bird.
Flying tall and proud is our Jamaican flag‘Out of many, one people’.
At the base, rooting the entire Insignia in Jamaica,is the Lignum Vitaea tree with powerful medicinal properties, which has earnt its name as ‘the Wood of Life’.
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