Appleton Estate Product Range


Infused with passion and
excellence, this blend of
pot and column still rums

adds a dash
of Jamaican spirit
to cocktails.

Introducing The Whole Range

Born and bred in Jamaica,
it has gained the colour
of our sandy shores
caressed by the sunrise:
beautiful harvest gold
and amber colour,
with remarkable clarity
and brilliance.

Discover Appleton Estate Signature

No words can explain
Signature's fruit-forward aromas
with notes of dried apricots,
fresh peach
and hints of molasses.
It will speak
directly to your senses.

Discover Appleton Estate 8 Year Old Reserve

Ideal for cocktails,
our Signature blend
turns a classic Daiquiri
into a delightful
Jamaican Daiquiri.

Awards & Accolades

2019 Ultimate Spirits Challenge 92 Points, Excellent, Highly Recommended, Finalist, Great Value
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