The opening

The Appleton Estate blends physical and digital with a new
permanent boutique experience, prominently located within
the Dufry walk-through store at Sangster International
Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

a permanent boutique

This celebration of Appleton Estate is the largest and most
digitally advanced activation in the brand’s history, engaging
shoppers via a self-guided, immersive journey, seamlessly
blending physical, multisensorial and digital to create a
delightful and unforgettable brand experience of one of
Jamaica’s finest rums.

Navigation through the space is via a series of interactive
touchpoints that express the legend, craft and personality of
the island’s iconic rum.

The experience

A sensory journey through
the art of rum

We are thrilled to open the Appleton Estate experience at
Montego Bay Airport, just 50 miles from where our
incredible rums are lovingly crafted. It’s a perfect premium
location to engage shoppers by showcasing every facet of
Appleton Estate; its rich history, passion for natural
ingredients, local provenance, the skill of our Master Blender
Joy Spence and the versatility of the award-winning portfolio
created under her guidance, ensuring there is an Appleton
Estate rum for any elevated occasion, from premium
cocktail-making to sipping rums and gifting.

Marco Cavagnera
Managing Director of Global Strategic Travel Retail at Campari Group

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